This blog has been created as the final project for a course I am taking, Intro to Environmental Science. While the majority of the posts concern the effects of environmental degradation on the human population, I’d like to stress that the environment has inherent value and should be protected for its own sake. I recognize that environmental degradation is most often the direct result of human activity, and that if my intention were to be discussing the causes of this tradegy my posts would instead examine the effects of human activity on the environment.

However, I am an International Studies major and an Anthropology minor, so my main area of interest is people. I chose to focus on how environmental degradation harms humans and, more specifically, how third world countries and indigenous populations are affected. As a supplement to this topic, I have added several other pages. One emphasizes the fundamental right of nature to exist independently of humanity, and the other proposes several socio-economic solutions that could help alleviate the challenges faced by those who have the least wealth and power in this world.

Enjoy, and thank you for reading!